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a.      Cook water (for 1 kg of tapioca pearls you need 5 liter of water)

b.      When the water is boiling but the tapioca pearls inside (be sure that no or not much crumbs will be put inside the water too - otherwise those crumbs will stick on the pot later and you'll need lots of time to clean it)

c.       Keep the water boiling and stirr the tapioca pearls until the pearls will swim on the surface of the water.

d.      Put the cooking top on the pot and keepthe water boiling.

e.      After 30 to 45 minutes (the longer you cook the tapioca pearls the more soft they'll get) spill the tapioca pearls through a sieve.

f.        The ready cooked tapioca pearls can be sold up to 6 hours.


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