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Conditions of Use

Terms of Service for shipping and e-commerce of company Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel.

§ 1 Contractor, Scope:
1. Contractor under the following terms and conditions for shipping and e-commerce are the firm Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel  and the customer.
2. All supplies and services, the Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel provides for customers, solely based on the following terms and conditions at the time the order is placed.
3. Other agreement is rejected. Only  written other agreements between Goodman's Europe Ltd. and the customer are effectively.
4th The terms and conditions for shipping and e-commerce in their respective current version at the time of the order also apply to future orders, even if they are not expressly agreed again.

§ 2 Conclusion:
1. The offers made by Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel On the websites are non-binding invitation for the customer to Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel to order goods.
2. By ordering the desired goods by completing and submitting the online form on the internet, by email, by fax, by phone or mail, the customer makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract.
3.  Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel is entitled to accept this offer within a period of seven calendar days by sending an order confirmation or delivery of the goods ordered. The order confirmation can also be done by sending an email. After lapse of time without an answer the offer is rejected.
4th The Customer warrants that he orders and  solely as an entrepreneur or a legal person of public law and  does not act as a private person or consumer. The § § 312b ff BGB shall not be applied, a regulated there revocation shall not apply.

§ 3 Items

The agreement about the items of the  goods is due only to the manufacturer's instructions in the manuals. Deviations require the written agreement.

§ 4 Prices:
1. All prices quoted are exclusive of applicable VAT.
2. Duties, taxes and other charges are paid by the purchaser.
3. Credit card payments are not possible at present, but will be furnished at a later date.
4th All prices, including postage and packing, apply only within Germany and only the time of order. By updating the websites of Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel all previous prices and other information about goods become invalid. Whichever is applicable at the time of order valid version.
5th The price includes standard equipment; no connection material for electric / gas or water, Plugs, sockets, cables, gas hoses and regulators, water inlet and outlet hoses, piping, etc. are not necessarily in the price of the device and must be provided by the customer. Furthermore, our equipment prices include any accessories, if this is not expressly stated.
6th The devices are to be connected by a specialist company.
If the port is not detectable by an authorized dealer, the warranty expires. For faults or damage to the unit, which are due to faulty installation or settings, assumes no liability Goodman.
§ 5 Payment terms:
1. Payments are made either by bank transfer (in advance). Via direct debit or online transfer.
2. Deliveries to public facilities may be made on account. For this purpose, in each case, a written order on a form of the device holder is necessary. The order is always by letter, fax or e mail Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel to convey.
3.  An offset is only granted or legally established counterclaims. Retention to the buyer only if they are based on the same transaction.

§ 6 Delivery
1. Goods will be delivered from the warehouse to the delivery address given by the customer.
2. The delivery time is calculated from the electronic catalog. Information about delivery times are not binding, unless the date of delivery has been agreed in writing. Every delivery is subject to the condition that Goodman's Europe Ltd. itself receiving timely and appropriate.
3. For contracts with pre delivery begin with the receipt of the full purchase price  at Goodman's Europe Ltd. If a product ordered by the customer contrary to expectations despite the timely disposition of Goodman's Europe Ltd. for reasons beyond expectation, Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel has the right to deliver  instead of the ordered product with an equivalent product in terms of quality and price to offer the customer or the contract. Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel will inform the customer immediately about the unavailability and the customer in case of withdrawal refund about payments already made immediately.
4th As far as Goodman's Europe Ltd. reasons for which he is responsible, in default of delivery or a delivery is impossible, and this is not based on intent or gross negligence, liability for damages is excluded. Further claims of the customer shall remain reserved.
5th Based on reasons of delays in delivery  the Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel is not responsible (force majeure, third party, etc.) such extensions shall adequately be done. The customer will be informed immediately. If the delay is longer than four weeks after the contract, either party is entitled to rescind the contract.
6th Illustrations in our catalogs are provided by the manufacturer. Changes in design, appearance and shape or delivery are subject to the extent of the manufacturer as part of product development .

7th Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel is entitled to make partial deliveries. If the partial delivery is not caused by the customer,  Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel bears  the extra cost of a partial delivery.
8th Unless otherwise agreed,  Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel  determines the carrier or the type of shipment at its decisiion.
9th Delaying the delivery of goods for reasons that the customer is responsible for or no acceptance by the customer without legal ground, the risk of accidental loss is from the time of delivery at the customer by  the customer.

§ 7 Payment, cancellation of title:
1.  Payment is made by bank transfer (in advance).
2. Is  agreed to pay by direct debit, the customer has to charge backs, based on his fault, especially due to lack of coverage accounts and Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel  is  charged by the banks involved, Goodmans can charge a handling fee of 5 €. 
§ 8 transport damage, inspection and notification of the customer:
1. If goods are delivered with obvious damage to the packaging or content,  the customer has to complain immediately to the carrier / freight service and  refuse to accept. In addition, Goodman's Europe Ltd. has to be informed immediately.
2. Hidden defects are to claim promptly after discovery, but no later than 48 hours after receipt of the goods by the carrier / freight service.

§ 9 Guarantee Domestic:
1. The warranty rights of the customer require that he fulfilled his inspection and notification in accordance with § 377 HGB  properly.
2.  If the product is found defective, the Purchaser may at his decision  remedy the defect or ask for delivery of a defect-free product. We assume for the purpose of remedying the defect or replacement costs or expenses (transport, travel, labor and material costs), provided these are not increased by the fact that the goods were taken to a location other than the place of performance of the first delivery. Pursuant to § 439.3 BGB, we can refuse the type of remedy if it is possible only at disproportionate cost is. Furthermore, the requirement for removal of defects or replacement, that the goods in question are provided for review.
3. If Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandelis not able to remedy the defect or replacement is not available or a reasonable time limit is not able or should the repair fail in any other way,  the customer is entitled at its decision to cancel the contract or to reduce the purchase price.
4th Further claims of the customer are excluded from warranty and guarantees. Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandelis not liable for damages that are not caused of the goods themselves  and in particular  is not liable for lost profits or other financial damages of the customer, for example of penalties, loss of production, wages, or other consequential damages.
5th The above exclusion of liability does not apply if the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of Goodman's Europe Ltd.. It also does not apply if the purchaser is entitled to claims for fraudulent concealment of a defect or the provision of a guarantee for the condition of the item. In that regard, the liability is limited to typical and foreseeable damages.
6th Warranty and indemnification claims belong to the customer and can not be transferred to third parties.
7th The warranty period is one year from delivery. This period is a limitation and also applies to claims for damages, unless they are based on tort. Used units are completely excluded from the warranty; Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel  is not obligated to provide replacement parts. About a required connection to the supply lines (electricity, water, steam, sewage, hot water, gas, etc.) by the buyer to arrange at his own cost and must be performed by a licensed local electrician or plumber.

§10  Total Liability :
A further liability as provided in these Conditions  and in particular damages for consequential damage is excluded regardless of the legal nature of the claim, unless Goodman Europe Ltd. is an intentional or grossly negligent breach of contractual obligations to the load. This does not apply to claims under the Product Liability Act.

§ 11 Jurisdiction, Choice of Law:
1. For all contracts  the law of the Federal Republic of Germany to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention of 11.4.1980 on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (Vienna CISG).
2. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Berlin. Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel is also entitled to sue the customer at his general place of jurisdiction.
3. If any provision of these terms of sale and delivery completely or partly ineffective or become ineffective, the remaining conditions shall remain in full effect.

§ 12 Data Protection:
Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel  assures that the occasion arising from customer orders data will be processed solely in connection with the completion of the order, stored and used. Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel. Customer data is only for order processing pass to affiliates

30th of July 2016 © Harry Hettig Technischer Großhandel. - All Rights Reserved

* Prices are always subject to statutory VAT.


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